Becoming Agile

September 25, 2016

Jack Welch once asserted, "If the rate of change on the outside is greater than the rate of change on the inside, the end is near.” This seemingly foreboding message is really saying that we should keep up with the pace of our changing environments.  Agility refers to your ability to think and move swiftly and gracefully.  There can be agile strategies that are responsive and thoughtful, and ones that are reactive.  Your ability to adapt is essential to your sustained performance.



Reading Between The Lines

September 18, 2016

Reading between the lines is a skill you can use to perceive beyond the surface of what is being said.  It refers to your ability to understand what is not being said, to listen to tone, to understand the subtleties of word choice, and the ability to detect the lack of alignment between words and action.



Substance Vs. Form

September 11, 2016

If you value substance more than form, and you work within a political office environment, the good news is that you can engage office politics without sacrificing your values.  By being guided by your values you can build strong, integrity based relationships that can help your team achieve its goals so it is important to take the time to build the skills you need to detect and correct imbalances caused by unfairness and other political behaviour.


The Angel in the Marble

September 4, 2016

As a leader, it is important for you to understand creating an engaged team should start with taking a long, honest look at yourself to determine how your action and inaction may be contributing to your existing team dynamics.