Ready Reinvent Your Career in the New Year?

December 24, 2017

There are a number of reasons why leaders decide to reinvent their careers.  For some, their careers have plateaued, keeping them stuck in the same position for far longer than they anticipated.  Other change careers completely, starting over in a new discipline.  


Who’s Afraid of The Big Bad Wolf?

December 17, 2017

Are you working in a hostile environment? Is going to work difficult because you are being bullied? There are no limits to the tactics that bullies can employ.  They negate everything you say, tell lies, or ignore you. They practice unethical behaviour or harass you.  Whatever the case, you are invited to listen in to learn more about bullying and what can be done about it.


Confronting the Personality of Your Organization

December 3, 2017

Some authors describe the personality of the organization as the culture. In psychology, a personality is the combination of individual characteristics embodies in the patterns of feeling, thinking and behaving.  Leaders who can perceive these patterns can identify dysfunction that can impact the bottom line.



Avoidance to Accountability

November 26, 2017

In this episode, Yvette teaches leaders how to become more accountable for their actions.


The People Side of Change

November 19, 2017

Learn more about managing the people side of change in an organization.


6 Tips to Improve Your Value

November 12, 2017

Learn tips on how to improve your value in your organization.


The Blame Game

November 5, 2017

Trust the Code

October 29, 2017

In this episode, Yvette shares the importance of trusting the code in your workplace.


Workplace Burnout

October 16, 2017

In the modern workplace stress levels can run high.  Especially in organizations that place an overwhelming burden on staff, imposing extreme targets.  Burnout, to some, means constantly working, for long hours, making every effort to exceed sometimes seemingly impossible targets.  In this context, it can mean being pushed to the limits, and for some, this means being in a sustained state of anxiety or fear.  Tune in for ideas you can use to support your team…


Knowing When to Let Go

October 8, 2017

In life and business there are three points-in-time you should develop the skills to identify.  There is the point of no return.  This is a time when it is best to keep moving forward because the cost of returning to the starting point is too great. A second point in time leaders can develop the skill to recognize is knowing when to hold onto a position despite external pressures to fall in line.  Then there is knowing when to let go.