Goal Based Networking

January 30, 2017

There are different types of networks that exist.  Some of them are built by arbitrary action and others are built deliberately through planning and focused effort.  In this episode, Yvette provides you with practical strategies you can use to build networks successfully.


Reinventing Feedback

January 23, 2017

Have you received feedback from a coworker that triggered something deep within you, causing you to defend yourself or worse, to become angry?  Have you provided what you thought was reasonable feedback to a member of your team and you received an unexpected response? Listen in for ideas you can use to reinvent how you provide feedback.


From Power to Empowerment

January 16, 2017


Are you overlooked because your coworkers are play power games that keep you in the shadows? Have you been thrown under the bus by your coworkers? In the modern workplace culture, engagement, and people are becoming increasingly important to the sustainability of your organization. Listen in to learn how to shift from power to empowerment…


Is it Time for Something New?

January 9, 2017

Are you waiting for your employer to notice the value you bring to the team?  Are you living up to your fullest potential in your career?  Is your supervisor dangling the carrot, telling you there are plans for you yet you are never privy to those plans.  I invite you to listen in to learn how you can take control of the direction of your career and achieve your goals.



Six Tips for Improving Your Value with Your Employer

January 2, 2017

There are persons who link their value to their compensation of position. There are others who are valued because of their ability to play power games at work. These tips provide your with strategies you can use to improve your value to your employer and more importantly improve your value so you can achieve your career goals.