As Good as Your Last Act

March 26, 2017

It can be discouraging when the only way you are perceived is through the lens of your last mistake.  It is easier when your last act was something you are proud of.  Unfortunately, if the positive act wasn’t memorable enough it can be forgotten.  This podcast provides you with strategies you can use to build your brand in a way that can overcome a weakened brand. Listen in for more information.


Tips for Inexperienced Leaders

March 19, 2017

Inexperienced leaders sometimes have a tough time gaining the trust of their new team members.  This episode provides tips that can not only benefit new leaders but it provides great reminders for existing leaders.  Listen in for ideas you can use to build engagement within your team…



Seize the Opportunity to Mentor!

March 14, 2017

In this episode Yvette shares the value and purpose of mentoring. What distinguishes good mentors from great ones is that great mentors don't aim to create clones of themselves, they focus on the individual's inherent strengths and seek to bring out their unique qualities.


Moving From Me to We

March 6, 2017

Some leaders speak about themselves, profusely, using words like “I” or “we” whenever they speak about their teams.  Others use “we” language because they attuned to their team members and  are able to demonstrate inclusive behaviours that align with their language.  Then there are those who are somewhere between these two extremes.  “We” language is important for leaders who would like to build trust levels and team engagement.  Listen in for Yvette’s tips…