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Breaking Down Barriers to Change with Ajene Wilcoxson

August 9, 2021

Ajene Wilcoxson is a Professor of Business, a student of Logotherapy, and a Certified Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence Facilitator and Assessor and Practitioner. He focuses on helping his students and clients to develop an EQ Mindset, and facilitates inspirational talks, workshops as a consultant, but most importantly, he is a teacher. A teacher from the perspective of being a guide, helper, and mentor in the Life-Learning Process. His passion and foundation are living and teaching how to experience a Soul-Centered, Emotionally Intelligent Life. 

Ajené is the recipient of the Dr. John W. Rice Diversity and Equity Award, the Dr. Regina Stanback-Stroud Diversity Award, and the ACBSP National Teaching Excellence Award

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