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Connecting Your Career and Values with Louise Goeckel

November 28, 2021

Join Yvette and Louise Goeckel for a potent conversation about careers. You'll get something from the conversation no matter where you are in your career.

Career consultant, life coach, and business advisor Louise Goeckel has more than 20 years of experience providing Business and Professional Development consulting.
She specializes in leading individuals and facilitating groups, enlivening their gifts so that they may make new contributions to the world.

Louise offers deep listening, extensive knowledge, and a keen understanding of leadership and change. As a leader, teacher and facilitator, she delights in watching people becoming more courageous, clear, and comfortable being their best selves.

Louise loves her work and wants everyone to love theirs.

You can contact Louise at http://letsgoforward.biz

Connect with Yvette Bethel at https://theconsciousorganization.co 


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