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Leading Through Love with Candace Mae Gruber

December 19, 2021

To explore “Leading Through Love” from a faith-based, Christian perspective is Leadership and Strategic Business Consultant, and Executive Director with the John Maxwell Team, Candace Mae Gruber.

Candace Mae offers a process that develops leadership teams in ways that result in sustainable employee engagement and effective business operations. Her training offering includes leadership with value-centric ethics, focusing on employee strengths, positive team engagement principles, and management systems that build strong business growth foundations.

She is a licensed affiliate and Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team and is a Certified Communication and Behavior Consultant. 

Her approach builds high-performance business teams led by engaging leaders. Her approach is based on Christian principles and she wholeheartedly believes the statement, “Improve your people and processes and watch your profits grow!” is the future of successful organizations.

Contact Candace Mae at https://candacemae.com/

And you can reach out to Yvette Bethel at https://theconsciousorganization.co.


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