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Emerging School Leadership with Cherilyn Leet

September 6, 2021

Cherilyn's passion is the design of curriculum, assessments, and training about emotional intelligence (EI) to foster excellence around the globe. Cherilyn is a Fulbright scholar and holds a master’s degree in curriculum design and instruction for the gifted and talented. Motivated by the belief that developing emotional intelligence is a fundamental skill for any age, Cherilyn served as an editor for the book Know Choose Give, one of the first internationally published EI courses for university students, and for Self-Science, 4th Edition, a collection of 80 lessons for the K-8 classrooms.

Cherilyn co-authored a paper in 2017 for the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology on the schoolwide application of EI assessments. Committed to advocacy, she led the world’s first virtual conference on social emotional learning (SEL) in higher education and organized an innovative conference on neuroscience, instructional design, and experiential learning for Silicon Valley professionals hosted in partnership with the award-winning Synapse School.

Her work has been accepted for presentation at SXSW Education, the National SEL Conference, and UNICEF headquarters. Listen in to hear her ideas about what is emerging...

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