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Courageous Leadership with Sharon Deal

August 23, 2021

Sharon Deal has a passion to transform lives, life and leadership.  She is a courageous leader that not only walks the talk but has the ability to support leaders with becoming courageous. She believes courage is contagious and has a passion to scale courageous leadership in teams and organizations. Sharon believes that the key to courage is being anchored in Who you are and leading from this place.  This shifts everything about how leaders show up because courageous leadership leads to cultures of brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts where the armoring up process is not necessary or rewarded.

After her 25 years as a leader and owner in the corporate environment, she is especially effective in working with entrepreneurs, executives and their teams.  She is the founder of the Who am I Foundation where she engages individuals and organisations through educating, facilitating, coaching and training.  Sharon is an EQ Practitioner, Facilitator and Assessor and Conversational Intelligence Coach. 

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